"One of the things that had the most impact was your positive way of presenting." Magareth Hoff, Mediclinic

"I realised that I need to “man up” and accept the position of my colleagues – my attitude plays an important role as well as personality differences." Melanie, Medi Clinic

"This is the first time that I am attending such a course and it has really helped me to reflect, assess and change." Clementine Nowases

"I feel confident, deserving and 100% certain that I will achieve my goals at the set times." N. Olivier, Polytechnic

"One of the things that had a great impact on me was attracting money – that I am a money magnet." Beverly Bamm

"Surround yourself with winners – this really stood out for me today." Yolande, Polytechnic

"I feel energized and revived; I can now put what I have learnt in practice." S. Kambonde, Polytechnic